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Jul 21, 2017
Jun 28, 2014
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Jul 21, 2017
    1. rfheadhunter
      So, What kind of person are you looking for? Greetings, HH
      Ps. I don't know if there is a Private chat but private message me if u are able.
    2. Duke0501
      How do you become a moderator
    3. Khologan
      I want to become a Moderator
    4. FlamingDestiny
      I was hoping to become a moderator for this game! I love it so much!
    5. buddyboy911
      Ask me anything if you guys need help with the game
      1. Phuc
        Tôi tạo tài khoản không được, bạn có thể giúp tôi không?
        Jun 1, 2016
    6. meleevirus
      I have played for 2 months and already farming GB10 on manual, DB7 on Auto, and finished TOA norm up to 78 this reset. I am a very hardcore player and fairly knowledgable, interested in moderating :)
    7. Graham Hagan
      Graham Hagan
      hey curious how i change "information"?
    8. xCloudyx~VT
      im a regular summoner wars player who is in it daily and i hope i could get infos around in this game xD
    9. MissC
      I've been a forum mod for crystal saga and an in game mod for it and another game. I'm very addicted to sw. I love helping just as much as playing. I'd enjoy the chance to moderate. Thanks :)
    10. clashking
      Hi , I'm a Summoners warrior . Would love to help the community and active daily . I am Interested in joining a MODERATOR . I had some Experienced in MODERATOR Rule . Because I am MOD of a online Game in Forums . So If you want to Pick me , That would Be great .
      Thank you . :)
    11. WolfAngelNiki
      Hi, i''m a Summoners addict. Would love to help moderate :)
    12. sielle
      Hi Neo! I'm interested in becoming a Moderator. I've hosted other forums before and am active in forum participations. Though its my first day registering I plan on becoming very active in this thread. I've been playing SW for more than 2 years now! Thank you! Feel free to check my account IGN: Sielle
    13. xuanrong
      i want to join i want to help u guys :D meh name is angelchrisy
    14. Omniboxus
      I'm interested in being a mod, i am level 36, recently in the past month i've been hanging in channel 1313 to learn as much about the game as possible. this gave me a good look at mid to late game. so i would like to reach to others who need help to make sure that all are available to get a good understanding of the game. feel free to message me back.
    15. xDejaVu
      hello, actually just joined the community, but love to help u guys out if needed with being a moderator!
      Few things:
      - Play the game everyday (a lot)
      - igm : xluni
      i hope to hear from u!
      greets xluni
    16. Guardian1
      i'm interested in becoming a mod. i play everyday, i am at level 40 and have a guardian 1 account.

      ign: [PH]CocoMartin
    17. jnmand
      bonjour j'ai vue votre annonce sur la recherche d'un modérateur j'ai étais game master sur un autre jeu en mmorpg je postule si vous avais besoin d'un modérateur français
    18. Cbattin
      Im interested in being a mod
    19. Chrisjonezz
      Hey im interested in becoming a mod. How would the process of becoming one work
    20. Curt29
      i play summoners war everyday its my favourite game aiming to be better at it..need help wen comes to team building tho...how does this while moderator thing work?
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