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[EU] C3-G1 Guild BlyatBusiness looking for active members!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by ZenDragon, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. ZenDragon

    ZenDragon New Trainy

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    Dec 5, 2017
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    Ladies gentlemen and theomars, I'm here to present you your next stop in your summoners war carreer. Our guild, or rather, our family, is called BlyatBusiness. Founded by the one and only D3ma, before he even was level 50. Our core members have been together since progressing through the story mode, and have risen to glory by getting their first G1 finish not too long ago. But, unfortunately, only having barely enough active members that are willing and able for guild siege in a G1 environment has given us quite a setback, barely clutching a win in only two of the sieges we have participated so far. Thus, we would like to expand this family, and transform it to the strongest community this server has ever seen! So, if you are looking for a guild to have fun in guild siege and guild battles, feel free to apply! We are not really setting any arena requirements, because we know how boring arena can be without lushens, giving many players a reason to avoid it. But, all participants will have to go through a check before they are found fitting to join us. So, add my baby acc into the game, called GiffD3maNat5, so we can have a chat and so I can check your account to see if you can bring what we are looking for! ~Yours faithfully, ZenDragon(The brilliant strategist and hopefully your next Vice Guild Leader)

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