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[Europe] Endevium, a fun, G1 farming, 3+ yrs old guild is recruiting C1+ members

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by mistergeko, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. mistergeko

    mistergeko New Trainy

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    Jan 21, 2016
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    Hi summoners. If you are looking for a stable guild that does the Guild Wars on time, finishes G1 as a farming guild, completes Siege Battles with at least one win per week usually, doesn't put pressure on its members, but still manages to be well organized, fun and enjoyable as the game should be, look no further!

    We do Guild Wars, we do Siege Battles and we will do THE LABYRINTH for sure! That's why we are looking for new members as we have some spots open. Usually when new things are introduced in the game, we clear up some inactive members and make new available places to refresh our guild. We exist since Europe server was founded, you count the years :D

    Here are some technical details, you know, so that the post looks pro:
    • Farming G1 guild: Battles star when the server resets and 12hrs from that as well.
    • GW Rules: +3+2+1 rule with green towers as priority & low def Mon-Wed, high def Thu-Sat.
    • Siege Battle Rules: Since we farm and work, just use all of your attacks whenever possible and update your def.
    • Our members are worldwide, both male and female.
    • We have few couples in the guild.
    • Guild Language: English.
    • We help each other in chat with runes/strategy/relationships lol
    • You better don't get a nat5 that someone doesn't have already :)
    • We have a guy who makes funny avatars for us.
    How to apply:
    • Contact mistergeko via in-game messaging, or LINE app, or just comment here in the thread.
    • Provide your 6* units count, Arena ranking and a little bit about your SW history.

    Honestly, if you are an active SW player, look for a stable and funny guild with not much pressure because we all have real life to focus on too, have decent number of units to do siege battles and guild wars, even if you are not a constant C1+ player, go on and apply, we really are looking for long term members who are active and fun to be around so we don't mind helping out as well.

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