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Discussion in 'Units & Runes' started by JOBO, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. JOBO

    JOBO New Trainy

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    Jan 8, 2018
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    So i have been struggling to get gb10 going on auto, and i am just simply not finding the stats to run everything smoothly.
    The mons i believe are subject to change in any way (some are finding better runes, but this process has taken foreer so i decided to come look for help.) are as follows, as well as stats of notable monsters.
    Vero: stats shown
    Shannon: 11k hp (potato runes), 460 def, 115 spd, and 22 acc
    Bernard: 15k hp, 630 def, 170 spd, 44 acc
    Darion: 21 k hp, 480 def, 80 acc
    Bella: 16k hp, 570 def, 120 spd, 17 acc, bella needs either better runes or to be cut for mihyang
    Galleon: 20k hp, 680 def, 173 spd, 60 acc
    Camilla (freshly pulled): 18k hp, 500 def, 100 spd,
    Mihyang (also freshly pulled): 10k hp, 400 def, 127 spd, 8 acc
    I was struggling with runes for vero, shannon, bernard, darion, bella team but couldnt get it to click with any consistency (i am aware of fairly low success rates but this was 20-30% tops.) I then tried to run galleon instead of shannon, and came across minusculely better success rate and this process has taken a couple months, with a few weeks off here and there. After pulling Camilla from stones and Mihyang a few weeks ago, i am just at a loss, and have no clue where to try to take this. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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