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[GLOBAL] ZerenitiVII G3 - non rush looking to add few members for high end G3 SIEGE/GW

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by mikaDEATH, May 19, 2018.

  1. mikaDEATH

    mikaDEATH New Trainy

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    Nov 1, 2014
    Zereniti Guild Family is recruiting for new strong members for our active and friendly community. Both ZerenitiVII and Zerenitix10 are competitive guilds.

    **About Zereniti:**

    Zereniti are made up of 3 guilds: ZerenitiVII, Zerenitix10 and Zerenitix11. Our guild has been around since the creation of guilds themselves, and members are encouraged to move and down these guilds as they progress, or want to kick back for a week or 2.

    Our guild members are from all over the world.

    * ZerenitiVII is our top tier guild G3 guild.

    * ZerenitiX10 is our G2-3 guild.

    **What we are looking for:**

    * Active level 50 accounts only. General rule is C3-G1+ arena, but strong GW players will be considered.

    * Non rushing players for guild war.

    * Solid G3 GWO and GWD.

    * Well runed and grinded monsters.

    **What we provide:**

    * A friendly and active community. Our main channel of communication is line.

    * Guild war advice, and general advice in the game. We often discuss within our line group.

    * Active members to raid with.

    **Some general rules:**

    * We are a non rushing guild family, therefore GWD is our priority.

    * +6 rules. Common sense prevails, i.e. hit greens first where possible.

    * Use line.

    * English is preferred, but as long as you can understand us, then we're fine with that too.

    If you are interested please reach out to us on line or in-game. Ideally please message via line to let us know first:

    * **line:** i_am.mika

    * **line:** samlee17687

    Many thanks!

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