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[Guide] ACC vs RESIST

Discussion in 'Units & Runes' started by megdorkable, May 29, 2015.

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    Hey all!

    This guide will attempt to explain what wins out when you are attempting to put a harmful effect on your opponent. If they have 100% resistance.. will you ever be able to put a harmful effect on them? If you have 100% accuracy.. will you always (100% of the time) successfully land a harmful effect? Here are some answers.

    First of all, it is important to explain the difference between the different stages in figuring out whether you will land the harmful effect.

    Stage 1: The Activation Stage
    The activation stage has to deal with the percentage that the skill description gives to determine how often the skill will land. So, if the skill description says that the harmful effect has a 25% chance to land, the Activation Stage has a 25% chance to pass, and continue on to the next stage.

    ***Your accuracy does not affect this stage!*** Accuracy is not involved in this stage. Your accuracy does not add to your chance to pass the activation stage. So if your skill description says 25% chance to land, and you have 50% accuracy, your chance to pass the Activation Stage is still 25%. Again, your accuracy does not affect this stage.
    (I say that twice and emphasize it because there is SO much confusion on this fact.)

    Stage 2: ACC vs RESIST Stage
    If you pass the Activation Stage successfully, you move onto the ACC vs RESIST Stage! This stage will compare your accuracy and your opponents resistance to determine whether the harmful effect will actually land.

    An important thing to first note, is that your opponents chance to resist cannot fall below 15%.

    The generally accepted formula (as backed up by the links at the end of this post) is:
    Opponent's Chance to Resist = MAX(15, Opponent's Resistance - Your Accuracy)
    This means the output (opponent's chance to resist the harmful effect) will be the larger of 15, and the result of subtracting your accuracy from the resistance of your opponent.

    Here are some examples:
    RES / ACC / Output (Chance to Resist)
    95 / 41 / 54
    63 / 80 / 15
    80 / 45 / 35
    31 / 71 / 15
    50 / 50 / 15
    15 / 95 / 15

    Now.. as you may see in the table this suggests something very interesting about accuracy.
    First of all, think about how the minimum chance to resist an opponent must have at any point is 15%. Therefore, there is no case, even if you have 100% accuracy, where you land the harmful effect 100% of the time. Through this formula we can discover that...
    1. If your accuracy is equal to or greater than your opponent's resistance, the chance to resist will always be 15%.
    2. If your opponent's resistance is 100%, if you get your accuracy to 85%, you achieve the minimum 15% chance to resist. Any additional accuracy past this point will not affect the opponent's chance to resist since it cannot be reduced to a number under 15%.
    This suggests that you need only get your accuracy to 85% in order to achieve the maximum chance of landing a harmful effect on an opponent. Interesting right? Here is the link to a google sheet with more tests that show what I am describing. Feel free to make your own copy and play around with some different values

    [Note: This works the same for your enemies when they are trying to place a harmful effect on you, except it will use your opponents accuracy and your resistance to determine the outcome.]
    [Also remember: The cap for resistance and accuracy is 100%, even with leader skills or skill description buffs. Therefore the 85% stands as the most you need. Feel free to correct me on this, but please provide proof/references if you do.]
    [If you have element disadvantage you may need that 100%. Unclear how element advantage/disadvantage affects accuracy.]

    Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment with suggestions, questions, corrections, anything!
    I hope this helps and informs everyone who reads


    P.S.Here are the links to the previous posts who back up the formula I am using:
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