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[Guide] Guild Wars : Understanding the HP System

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Occulto, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Sep 7, 2015
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    We recently had a bunch of new members join our guild and I realized then that not many people understand how the Guild Wars work. Most people simply find three towers that they can know they can beat and attack. Then at the end of the battle everyone is wondering why it took so long to win or why we lost even though we had so many battle wins. I looked around online for awhile for some kind of explanation I could show new members about how the battle system works but I had difficulty finding one that explained the HP system used in guild wars. So I decided to write one up. I may not be 100% accurate with everything, this is based on my experience and from what I managed to find to read on the internet.

    Goal During Guild War
    The goal is to reduce the overall HP of the defending guild to less than 30%. The HP% of the guild is a total of the HP% of all defending towers. This means that your guild must reduce each tower to under 30% to win. This changed recently, though, so sometimes we need more or less based on the number of defending towers of the defending guild.

    What Is Happening When I Attack?
    Each attack on an enemy tower occurs with two battles. Each battle, upon winning, will reduce the HP of the tower by 30% of the current HP of that tower. As it is the current HP, this results in diminishing returns for the percentage reduced from a win. The first win will subtract 30% while the second win will subtract 21%, as 21% is 30% of 70%. If 30% of the current HP of the tower is less than 10% of the max HP of the tower, the tower will instead be reduced by 10%. You will always remove at least 10% of their max HP with a victory. Although, you can not remove more HP than the tower has. If the tower has 4% left, you can only remove that 4% at most. Attacking a tower with no HP will not reduce any HP from the defending guild, even if you win.

    A draw will remove 5% instead of 30% while a loss will remove nothing. Also, you can only remove HP from a tower if it has it.

    A defending tower has 100% HP, shown with a green health bar. Three guild members attack that tower, one after another, each winning both battles.

    When the first member attacks, that member will reduce the tower HP by 30% with the first win. THe tower will have 70% HP going into the second battle. After the second win, the tower will be reduced by another 30% of the current HP, 70%. This will result in a reduction of 21%, putting the tower at 49% HP after the first member has attacked.

    When the second member attacks, that member will reduce the tower again by 30% of the current HP, 49%. This will result in a reduction of 14.7%, putting the tower at 34.3% HP after the first battle. The second battle will only result in a reduction of 10.29% HP, 30% of 34.3%, resulting in about 24.01% HP.

    When the third member attacks, both attacks will result in a 10% reduction of HP of the tower since 30% of 24.01% is less than 10% of the max HP of the tower and 10% is the minimum amount that will be removed. After the third member wins twice the tower will be at 4.01% HP, a reduction of 20% of the max HP.

    Any additional attacks against the tower will at most remove the 4.01%, and would be a waste of an attack.

    What Does This Mean?
    We have a limited number of attacks per battle, so make sure they count. I WILL NOT tell you to fight only people with full health first, that is silly. Lots of guilds that have extremely powerful towers that many members will not be able to beat. For success, remember these rules:
    1. If a tower has less than 49% HP, it means that they have already been attacked twice. Avoid battles with these guys, if possible. Your goal should be to take down all enemy towers to 30%, if they are already beyond 30% then you should be looking at other towers. IF you can't find any enemies you can beat, then attack any towers WITH HP remaining, as losing always gives nothing.
    2. Aim for draws if you can't get a win. If you can't find any towers with two teams you can beat, find a tower with one team you can beat and stack your one attack team. Don't necessarily throw the other fight, just try to form a solid team with weaker monsters. I have already beaten many 6* defenses with 5* teams simply because they were tactically formed and ended up winning when I thought I would have drawn.
    3. Fail quickly... If you know you are going to lose a fight, quit it before you lose all of your monsters.
    4. Sometimes the 20% reduction received from defeating a weakened enemy twice may be larger than the reduction you would receive from walking away with a draw from a stronger enemy.
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