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How to beat B7 dungeons?

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Dotcom, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Dotcom

    Dotcom New Trainy

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    Feb 13, 2015
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    Hey guys,

    I'm stuck in B7 dungeons (except dragon, in which I'm doing B4 at the moment).

    I believe I have a solid pool of monsters to work with and I'm probably missing out on some good synergies or combos I should be using.

    Here's a list of monster, divided by atribute:


    5* lvl 35 Tyron (Despair/Focus SPD/Att%/Att%)
    5* lvl 35 Liesel (Vampire/focus 3x Att%)
    5* lvl 35 Death Knight (3x Energy Hp%/Hp%/Res%)
    4* lvl 30 Sylphid
    4* lvl 27 M. Archer (keeping for fusion)
    4* lvl 24 Succubus
    4* lvl 24 P. Thief
    4* lvl 21 Megan
    4* lvl 12 Kuhn (keeping for fusion)
    4* lvl 12 Konamiya (keeping for fusion - perhaps it can be used more)
    4* lvl 3 Ninja
    4* lvl 1 Lich
    4* lvl 1 Sky Dancer
    4* lvl 1 Kobold bomber


    5* lvl 35 Raoq (Fatal/Blade Att%/Cri R%/Att%)
    5* lvl 35 Sky dancer (Fatal/Blade 3x Att%)
    5* lvl 35 Baretta (Fatal/Focus SPD/Stt%/Acc%)
    4* lvl 30 G. Reaper
    4* lvl 30 Chloe (3x Energy 3x Hp%)
    4* lvl 26 Sylphid (Fatal/Energy 3x Att%)
    4* lvl 18 Lich
    4* lvl 17 B. Magician
    4* lvl 1 Pierret
    4* lvl 1 Samurai
    4* lvl 1 Werewolf (keeping for fusion)
    4* lvl 1 Kobold Bomber
    4* lvl 1 M. Archer (keeping for fusion)


    5* lvl 35 Bernard (Swift/Focus SPD/Hp%/Acc%)
    5* lvl 35 Woochi (Swift/Focus 2x Hp%/Acc%)
    5* lvl 35 Sky Dancer (3x Energy 3x Hp%)
    5* lvl 29 Shannon (Despair/Energy SPD/Def%/Hp%)
    4* lvl 30 Undine (2x Energy/Guard Hp% / 2x Def%)
    4* lvl 30 Rakaja
    4* lvl Ramagos
    4* lvl 30 Copper (3x Guard 3x Def%)
    4* lvl 2 Kiki (Keeping for fusion)


    5* lvl 32 Darion (Violent/Revenge 3x Hp%)
    4* lvl 30 Walkers (Swift/Focus 3x Att%)
    4* lvl 26 Sylph
    4* lvl 1 Teon
    3* Belladeon (just got him today - think he is going to be a great addition to my dungeon team)


    4* lvl 30 P. Thief
    4* lvl 19 Decamaron (heard he is quite good vs high HP monsters, so decided to lvl him)
    4* lvl 1 Woonhak

    I also have a few Light/dark 3* monsters that could be useful (like a Light Amazon and a Dark Bounty Hunter).

    The current team I'm using: Woochi, Baretta, Wind and Fire Sky Dancer and Bernard.

    Woochi and barretta are great "att bar reducers" and Chasun (yet not awake at the moment) heals are very good too.

    Bernard is there for the speed buff and defense/att power debuff.

    Hwahee (also not awake yet) is my current heavy hitter with around 1200 att power.

    Perhaps I should switch Hwahee for a DoT kinda monster (Decamaron seems nice) or maybe I should try Darion for his passive and armor break.

    Still trying to figure out a way to fit Bella and Darion in the same team (perhaps Darion could replace Woochi and I could use Bella instead of Bernard).

    Maybe the problem isn't the team, but the lvl of the monsters I'm using.

    Well, many questions and very few answers. So I'd really appreciate some help.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. DeCoplo

    DeCoplo Junior poster

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    Jan 22, 2015
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    Leader Monster:
    Baretta, Acasis, Sigmarus, Legmaron, Ariel
    Kantin Keramat - asian server
    shanon bernard or megan bernard as buffer (shanon with despair/focus or 2xenergy/focus better beef her up) (megan and bernard with swift/energy or focus, speed and hp as priority)
    wind sky dancer or light inugami as healer or both. use chloe if need debuff cleaner for like b7 giant and fire dungeon.
    baretta as dot planter (despair/focus spd/hp/acc or hp/hp/acc he didnt need attack, as long his dot planted then his role is done)

    optional mons :
    fire samurai as floor cleaner, dot planter, aoe atk debuff.
    fire pieret as CC
    tyron as cc and glancing planter.
    i like woochi, but i didn't use him, because the atb reducer not always hit till 0 atb.
    and you still have many great monster..
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  3. Dotcom

    Dotcom New Trainy

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    Feb 13, 2015
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    That's great advice, DeCoplo.

    I'll try it out and let you know the results.

  4. Dotcom

    Dotcom New Trainy

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Summoner Level:
    Leader Monster:
    Hey, DeCoplo!

    Just to let you know I've been able to farm B7 dungeons (dragon aside) with your advice for the last week. I've been running Baretta, Shannon, Bernard, Chasun (finally got her awake) and either Hwahee, Delphoi, Chloe or Bella, depending on my needs.

    Today I just found a Orochi, so I think that may make my life easier with dots and all. Alson got my samurai to lvl 35, so I'll start testing him too.

    Thanks again!
  5. topemu

    topemu Junior poster

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    Jun 30, 2016
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    Usually the #1 reason for losing is your defensive abilities.
    changing hp/def can change everything.
    there's 3 things in this game.
    offense: wins quickly
    defense: makes you undefeatable
    tech: guarantees a win by using proper strategies

    Without high HP or high DEF, your chances of losing regardless of strategy are VERY HIGH.
    SO just pick a great leader skill (hp% is best but def% is second best)
    seeing as you have a death knight. he's probably your savior.

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