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Need help best hall of wind team

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by colpem, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. colpem

    colpem New Trainy

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    Dec 4, 2014
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    ok so i keep hearing about lushen and ive had a wind joker for a few weeks just never bothered with it because i knew it would take forever but id like to awaken him now but its taken forever to get all the essence so my question is would would be my best wind b7 team to go with so i can farm high essence better?

    sharron (water magical archer)
    garoche (fire werewolf)
    sieq (fire hellhound)
    raoq (everyone knows this guy)
    taharus (wind element)
    ramagos (wind warbear)
    fynn (water imp)
    michelle (wind priest)
    lulu (water howl)

    elucia (water fairy)
    Konamiya ( water garuda)
    Purian (water inferno)
    vigor (water werewolf)
    Tagaros (fire inferno)
    fire samurai
    wind ninja
    ardella (wind magic archer)
    another taharus
    shannon (wind pixy
    jean (fire phantom)
    wind joker
    fire sylphid
    wind nine tailed fox
    water undine
    light undine

    and way to many 3 stars to mention lol but what would be a good team to start with with these guys i got so far? thanks for any help!!
  2. Granatas

    Granatas Junior poster

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    Sep 22, 2014
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    Fallen Blossom
    You Need dmg dealer and healer, but the most important is a Monster that can Interrupt the Boss healing. As in B4 the Boss only heals himself let's say 30% he heals in b7 100%. So the heal debuff is very important to you.
    Therefore your wind Joker (awakened Lushen) would be your Prior Focus to raise and awakening. His first skill often Interrupt the healing and his other skills are very powerful. (He will help you out anywhere else too!)
    1. Lushen, get him as high as possible (Fatal/Blade for now)
    2. Lulu as healer (try to get light bearman in the light dungeon, as he will help you in future!)
    3. Raoq, he is your second dmg dealer and with his first def debuff he will help you too.
    4. and 5. depends of how good the above mentioned Monsters are (runes, Level)
    - water undine with her Revival and heal can help, but she lacks of dmg
    - shannon has great buffs for your Group and is a Monster that you can use later too
    - ramagos can help you too, cause he's tanky and can help you get the Boss down faster.
    - Konamiya gives your Group another buffs and heals.
    - maybe light undine may help you, i don't know her.

    hope i can help you a Little bit.But b7 with the Monsters listed above will be hard to manage. I think you should Focus on b4 for now. Cause that you can farm automatic and in the meantime try to raise until you can farm b7

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