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Need Help For First Giants Farm-Team

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Spark27x, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Spark27x

    Spark27x New Trainy

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    Mar 8, 2016
    Alright guys. Im Spark27x and I'm Summoner Level 15. Had another lvl 30 acc like a year ago so im no total noobie :D Heres my problem. I dont like to follow the typical "make a fast 5 / 6 star farmer first" thing so I decided to make a Giants Team first. Witch can farm up to go auto 6 maybe. Now i need your help to make it. Heres a list with what I'm at so far:

    - Magic Knight Water ofc. (4*)
    - Barbarian King Fire (Sutr) (4*)
    - Elven Ranger Wind (Lucien) (4*)
    - Harpu Wind (4*) (his 3rd skill is pretty intresting for giants i think..)
    - Jack o' Lantern Water (4*)
    - Hellhound Fire AND Water. (3*)
    - Werewolf Water (Vigor) (3*)
    - Bountyhunter Fire (Randy) (3*)

    Also got a Water Howl and a Light Inugami on 4* which are definetly in the team ^^

    Now the Question is what other 3 Monster should Upgrade and get runes for to go for a solid B5/6 Giants farm? (until i got better runes ofc. after that i want to aim higher ofc.)

    Would appreciate your helps and ideas :)))
    greetings Summoners.
  2. Acemachinedude

    Acemachinedude Occasional poster

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    Mar 25, 2015
    Summoner Level:
    Leader Monster:
    God Slayer (Homunculus) & Theo
    Chill Factory both accounts
    Spark27x the team I would use for Giants B5/^ would be
    Magic Knight
    Fire Hellhound
    Light Inugami
    Wind Pixie
    Wind Griffon

    Get a wind pixie from shop/normal scrolls and farm a wind griffon Tamor Desert chuck those 2 into your team and you should be ok
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